Sean Bires

I am an aspiring game developer based in Chicago. In the past, I was a web designer and music hobbyist. I am working solo on an arcade-style driving game with a techno music presentation. You can contact me on Twitter or seannyb at gmail.

I would like to connect with other Chicago-area game developers and publishers. You'll find me at various IGDA-Chicago events and its Discord.

About the Game (Technical)

The untitled game is built in Unreal Engine 4. It is a fully original production made "in box" without plugins or marketplace assets. All of its game logic, including the custom 2.5-D physics engine, is scripted in nativized Blueprint. Release and platforms are TBD but the WIP game is performant on laptops running integrated graphics.

It's at least a year out from complete.

Game Preview (July 2019)

A snapshot in time:

Music Albums